PrivacyPerfect DPIA software
van PrivacyPerfect

The Assessment module of PrivacyPerfect holds extensive functionality and built-in automation for pre-assessments, complete data protection impact assessments, and for collaboration on these records.

Preform pre-assessments

Ready-made framework for to preform pre-assessments in order to determine if a full DPIA is necessary. The three main criteria of this, that of Article 35, of EDPB, and the criteria of the applicable supervisory authority of the UK and Netherlands are implemented within PrivacyPerfect for your convenience. Based on this, automation helps to determine whether a DPIA is needed for a project.

Carry out full Data Protection Impact Assessments

Manage and streamline the ever growing number of assessments and legal requirements with PrivacyPerfect. Follow a pre-defined framework based on the EDPB guidelines to identify where, and why your practices are not in line with the GDPR. Determine risks and associated mitigating measures: regarding necessity and proportionality of the processing, data subject rights, security controls, threats and impacts, as well as accountability.

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